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Welcome to the home of Vancouver finest firewood sales and delivery team. We offer the best quality home heating firewood delivered, stacked and ready to burn. Our firewood is excellent quality seasoned Fir, Maple and Alder that has been well seasoned to a moisture content rating of 12-22% and we guarantee it.

How long does it take for wood to season?

The amount of time it takes to season wood to a moisture content below 22% depends on few factors. to break it down: If you live in the desert, wood will season faster. If you like in a rainy, damp and cold place, your firewood and logs will take longer to season. Generally most logs take 2 years to season. Split firewood is usually ready to burn after 4-6 months. Properly stacked and ventilated firewood during March, it will be ready for winter.

A VW bug is about the same size as a cord of firewood.

How much wood do I get in a cord?

We sell all of our firewood orders in a measurement known as a card. Cord(s) is the only legal measurement for the sales and distribution of firewood. If you are use to using meters for measuring cords of firewood, 1 cord of firewood is equal to 3.624556363 cubic meters or 128 cubic feet. (It’s approximately the size of a VW bug.)